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Practical Prosody

  • seriously how did you do that Go! send
  • have you heard the latest news Go! send
  • really Go! send
  • hello Go! send
  • no you said this Go! send
  • it’s not difficult Go! send
  • do you two know each other COMING SOON!
  • i have to get back to work COMING SOON!
  • look i'll call you COMING SOON!
  • don't forget to do it tomorrow COMING SOON!
  • i see what you are saying COMING SOON!
  • does that make any sense COMING SOON!
  • no way COMING SOON!
  • that's not true COMING SOON!
  • forget it COMING SOON!
  • excuse me COMING SOON!
  • have you heard the latest COMING SOON!
  • what's the point COMING SOON!
  • that has nothing to do with it COMING SOON!
  • you're getting off the subject COMING SOON!
  • can i buy you a drink COMING SOON!
  • we really should leave now COMING SOON!
  • you can trust me COMING SOON!
  • and what did she say after that COMING SOON!
  • oh what did he mean by that COMING SOON!
  • this is our latest product catalogue COMING SOON!
  • that reminds me of something COMING SOON!
  • aren't you going to do something COMING SOON!
  • she was the best rugby player at school COMING SOON!
  • and that was that COMING SOON!
  • why did you say that Go! send
  • really and what did she say to that Go! send
  • My phone Go! send
  • ...& more coming soon...!

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