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Basic Prosody


  • High Pitch

    The raising of your voice to focus the listener on the key word.

  • I first met Sam last year Go! send
  • did you arrive early Go! send
  • Pausing

    The use of pauses to separate ideas so the listener can follow more easily. In written form we would use punctuation, in spoken form we use pauses.

  • the children were playing outside it was raining Go! send
  • my sister who lives in Spain is married Go! send
  • I wore a leather jacket and trousers Go! send
  • Chunking

    Chunking is the formal term for separating ideas (pausing) and clarifying ideas (raised pitch) combined. In each 'Chunk' there is normally only one core message/idea stressed [via 1 element].

  • I can help you with anything you need Go! send
  • how are you going to fix this problem Go! send


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Useful Theory

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