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Natural Prosody


  • Low Pitch

    Speakers use a low pitch for spoken elements that are not considered very important, this allows the speaker to speak more quickly and/or more economically.

  • Weak Sounds

    Weak sounds are also used for elements that are less important and importantly allows the speaker to speak more quickly and/or more economically.

  • Linking

    Natural speech will use linking sounds (so combining words rather than isolating words) in order to speak more quickly and/or more economically.

  • Faster Ideas

    The ability of speaking more quickly combined with the basic prosody of stressing important elements allows the speaker to move almost rhythmically from key idea to key idea. [So-called 'stress timed'.]

  • Down Intonation

    ...because FLAT intonation is NOT default/normal/natural. The default intonation is downwards, even if the word-stress is at the end of the word.


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Useful Theory

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