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Connected Speech

Basic Mechanisms

  • Catenation

    When the sounds of two words join.
    'Come in' => |co me-in| /kʌ mɪn/

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  • this pen Go! send
  • Intrusion

    When a sound is added between vowels.
    'I am' => |i (y)am| /aɪ jæm/

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  • Elision

    When a sound is deleted.
    'must be' => |must be| /məs biː/

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  • Assimilate

    When a new sound is corrected.
    'could you' => |could jyou| /kə dʒuː/

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  • Geminates

    When the a sound doesn't repeat.
    'what time' => |what time| /wɒ taɪm/

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  • Title of this ere 2nd Geminates Go! send

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